Hey wonderful people, it’s been a while since I blogged, was busy shaping another part of my life and now that I’m getting almost done with it, I’ll be communicating to you more often. So how have you been all this time? I hope everyone is doing marvelously.

I wanted to share something with you in this post. When you are invited to a wedding, there’re some of the things you shouldn’t even think of doing, they go from dressing style to the way you handle yourself. I was invited to a wedding and for 2 weeks I kept thinking of what to wear, this is when I normally find myself going shopping for no meaningful reason. I ended up not going to that wedding by the way. even though I didn’t go, I realized that I was constantly taking caution on the following things.


1-Avoid being too official.

Avoid official looks, you are not going to an interview girlfriend it’s a place where you will be interacting with people, one thing I’ve realized, your dressing style says a lot and without you knowing, you might give an impression of not being a fun person. Unless you are mingling with people you’ve already met. I always suggest to loosen up on your dress code.


2-Avoid super tight dress.

Ok, we both know that every single lady has a meal cheating day, and this is always to an occasion. The wedding is one of the occasions where people usually manage to cheat on their diet, what do Imean by that? You eat more than your usual potion, this happens subconsciously. So wearing super tight dress will just lead to not eating as much as you would love to. I was going to wear this fuchsia long dress to the wedding.


3- Your shoes.

Huh, I know you are wondering why is she talking about shoes!!! Right, nearly all the wedding have the after party time and a couple of drinks. When you have to attend an occasion and you will stay for after party, have your super high heels but you should have lower shoes too, this will make you feel comfortable and party without a doubt.

What do you keep in mind when attending an occasion?


Be More. 

Photo by: Mbukudada.

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