Happy holidays, I had a long holiday and I feel it’s going to be a bit longer since I’m waiting for my birthday soon. I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas with your family and friends. We have few days left to cross to a new year, yes and it’s that time when each one of us is busy looking at their last year’s resolution list to confirm what has been accomplished and what’s not.

Just a few days before Chrismas I was at a dinner table and was thinking, huh I had a long list of what to accomplish in 2017. Which I indeed went through and managed to complete them even before the year ends. I know its never easy to make it work in some cases, trust me I think last year was the first year that I ever committed to my resolution list. Other times I was always going with whatever came on the way.

Let me share with you the steps that I took to help me complete the list for 2017, the same strategy is what I will be using this coming year too. The reason as you should know it’s because it worked for me, I couldn’t believe it and I felt great because I was so organized, I even stop being angry and upset at myself for not doing things the right way.


A vision board.

Always have a vision board it will help you in many ways. When you have something written down you will always find it even if you’ve forgotten about it, so start having a vision board and don’t just stop there start making what’s on your board a reality. Pick one by one and work on it.

The best way to work on a vision board is with photos, this does wonder when you are looking at that amazing photo of that car you are after or that perfect body you’ve been longing for, trust me you have a reason to work for it or find a better way to get it.


Fall and Pick Yourself Up.

We all fail, we all get disappointed, we all become angry when we can’t get it after a number of attempts. I want to tell you something, you are not the only one who wants what you want, someone else out there is also trying to get exactly what you’re after. Just like all toddlers do try to walk, they will fall sometimes they will cry but they will never give up. They will try it again and again till they feel comfortable to start running.

Who said reaching your goals is easy? Well, mine was never easy when I had to make sure I close that file before 2018. I had big goals that scared me and sometimes I felt ridiculous when going through the list. So keep in mind that some of your goals will make you fall but you have to stand Up and keep trying.


Let go.

Huh! let go, you want it so badly you gonna have to let go somethings. We all have things or characters we are addicted to. If you want it to work for you, then you have to let go things or habit that will prevent you from getting it.

What this means, for example, how many of us are into “my new resolution is to lose weight this coming year”. How will this happen if your diet is full of junk and you can’t even walk for ten minutes because you hate it? You will have to let go some behaviors to get what you want.




Stop Talking too much.

I know you are asking why should I stop talking too much, well at least in my case I found out that the moment I start talking to people about my goals I end up not doing them, this creates a block on your vision and I would advise you to keep your goals to yourself till it’s done.  Stop telling your dream goals to small minded people.


Create your comrades.

I love this one, you should start hanging out with the like-minded people, imagine that you need to ask someone how to get to the top, and you are always with people who don’t even have a dream, what will be the answer?

Your group of friends should be those who can contribute, those who have the same dreams or even higher than yours. those who will motivate you in a way. surround yourself with other dreamers.


Practice Law of Attraction.

Likes attract likes, start acting positively. if you start thinking that its hard to archive it then so it will be, if you feel you can do it, then it will be easy for you. The moment you start to be scared of it then it will become more frightening to you. have in mind that your mind is like a magnet it will attract what you think about all the time.

I have seen this principle work for me again and again. I want you to know this, everything you see around was built or created twice, someone thought about it and built it in their mind, then put it in practice. You have to think about it and you will have it. Just know if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand, you just got to be positive it.



Faith, Prayer, and Manifestation. 

There is nothing in this world that is stronger than your faith. believe it and you will get it. Again this is one of the practices that I do daily even for small goals, I make sure I have prayed for it, manifested it and most of all have faith that I will get it the right away.


Set Up A Time.

I don’t have to say much about this but there is no goal that can be reached without a time set. You should know when you are expecting it, this is to help you get your next goal going otherwise, you will be stuck with one goal.

Set up a time to help you push yourself even harder, this makes sense. Just like being at work and making sure the tasks are completed before your 8hrs shift, your goals should be treated the same way. you must set up a deadline.

Go work on  your goals dear.


Photo by:Mbukudada.

Be More.

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  1. I loved reading this post. I’ve never done a vision board before but I am seriously thinking of doing one. Thanks for the encouragement😉

  2. This I shall follow to the last detail! Thanks for the post Joyce! Also, make a post about time keeping and procrasting on tasks and life goals. Some people like me need to learn all this. Cheers girl!

  3. Definitely love the idea of setting up a time to complete the goal because it will help keep my on track. I also believe that positivity will bring positive results! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love this list! My mom has always told me to “speak it into life” and to focus on the positive things or the outcome that I am hoping for! I’m planning on getting a vision board setup for myself as well as my oldest kiddo for 2018! Thanks for sharing!

  5. The resolution on letting go is motivating.we should learn on foregoing some things so as to achieve other better goals we have on our vision boards.the other resolutions are also very inspiring

  6. I love the you include failure or falling and getting up again. Most times that is what discourages people but achieving your goals is way more rewarding than giving up!

  7. The law of attraction totally works for me! I haven’t done a vision board since high school, but it sounds like a great idea for the new year!

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  9. Great post. I agree with everything you have said. I have a vision board that I just updated for the new year so I am ready.

  10. This was a real kick-ass list. So helpful on my journey to self-improvement and self-discovery. I have learned to keep my mouth shut as you stated some people tend to poo poo on your plans. This year I am going to keep my faith up and stop making excuses when things don’t go right. There is always a way. This was an excellent post.

  11. I did a vision board last year and definitely will make it again this year. I feel like I need to let my failures slide through and not get worked up over it. Thank you for your post 🙂

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