Holiday seasons can be felt all over, I hope everyone is in the mood to close yet another year with family and friends.
I won’t say much this time but next time for sure I will. All I Wanted to share, is a tip that most people struggle to find out how to and not knowing that they can do it on their own.

I’m not a web designer but being a blogger has taught me a lot, I’ve learned how to install what I needed the most, and how to make a site look great. I’ve been wanting to know how I can create my own logo on my own and for free. I tried it once but it wasn’t that good.

Creating a logo is not just an icon to show, to me it’s something you have to feel attached to, the reason is in case you have your own line of product, you want to make sure it stands out. My logo ideal icon came to me, after thinking the way I’ve been trying things here and there, multitasking my brain in autopilot mode, I said I need something that represents my natural being. I wanted something that reminds me of how I open up to learn as long as it will benefit me in any way possible.

So managed to do it using Tailor Brand. I came up with the bellow as a final product. Leaf overlapping on each other to me symbolizes how I try to keep things together and in a neat way. It’s so easy, trust me you can do it too as well.


Be More.

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  1. I really like , how clean and simple your blog is . And you have a really interesting article there 🙂

    Keep it up your good work Miss !

    1. Tom says:

      Love the page !

  2. Ryan Peterson says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Kariana says:

    I created my logo using a different website, but I absolutely love how yours came out! And your blog is amazing! I will definitely be keeping up with your future posts!

    1. The Cozy Me says:

      Thank you so much for this

  4. Alankar Ale says:

    Heyy Thanks for putting this up. It was really helpful. I’m gonna try one of these.

    1. The Cozy Me says:

      My Pleasure I hope it will help you.

  5. Very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing this

  6. I know Taylor Brand and it’s good. But it’s not free. Instead I used Canva on my logo. It’s free although it has also some paid logos. Nice post!

    1. The Cozy Me says:

      You can have a free and paid I created mine for free

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