What’s up guys, I told you last time that this time I will say it all. How are you doing? You know when it comes to holidays gifting, I read a lot of gift for her and not much for him.

The good thing about men is that they are not too picky, you can find something really simple and they will appreciate it. How about simple things that you might not find impressive yet they will be over the roof about them!Let’s say a keyholder to his lovely car, or a Bluetooth headset to use while driving and he wants to make sure you are ok before he gets home? How about spicing your night with a sexy persona that day because both of you are always busy?



I wanted to find out what men like as a Christmas gift, so I decided to question ten different men some had the same ideas, some had funny ideas, as always for some reason men will never stop having weird mind lol and some had ideas of things you won’t even think about as a lady. I wanted to make a list of all the thing I was told but since they were more than enough, I will talk about the ten most common gift you can get for him for less.

One thing we need to know, during this holiday season packaging a gift is very important and I recommend you do the packaging yourself. Even if you are not good at it, please try to make an effort to package his gift this time. The reason behind this is, the little things we think will not make a difference, it actually creates a strong huge positive impact on how others will feel. By the way, “him” can be your dad, your brother,  your friend or that person who stole your heart and he is taking care of it safely.



The thing is some men didn’t even ask for anything materialistic to keep, it was so cute to them a gift is to be happy with the person in their lives, which is the most important of them all to tell you the truth. The best gift is to love and care for one another. Haha, we always have those who are always wanting to drive against the traffic. For them, they suggested the bellow gifts. They mainly talked about their partners. If their partner can wear these garments for them on the Christmas day, then they will be amazed.



Now that we know what men would prefer as gifts, go out there and get him a treat, make him happy too.


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  1. I really struggle while buying gifts for men. For us girls, there are so many varied things out there. Thanks for the lovely compilation of the list of gifts that could be bought. It will be very handy for my upcoming Christmas shopping. I specifically loved the idea of gifting the Bluetooth headsets. Thanks for suggesting a few garments for me as well. 😛 :*

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