Hello! hello! It’s been a while I hope all is well with you. I felt the urge to talk about a question I get from my female friends, who think that I have a secret behind my body shape.  How do you maintain your perfect body shape? This is the question I get a million times. To tell you the truth I do what I like and whats good for me, when it comes to weight watching. When it comes to having the body that I want, it goes down to what I can do and how I want it to be.

I will make it simple by sharing what I do daily and what I don’t do at all or maybe I do them once in a while.



  1. I love my self and I appreciate what I do for it, I know you are asking how is that going to help. This helps me to always focus on me and not what the society expects of me.
  2. Despite the fact that I’m the laziest person in cooking. I try the best I can to eat healthy when I can. I eat a lot of raw food, mostly salad, and fruits, my best dish is rice, I can have it from Monday to Monday. You see this is not recommended by a dietician but it is what I love and what my body is used to. This doesn’t mean that I’m a vegan no I’m not. I eat meat sometimes.
  3. I dance a lot to help me sweat a bit.
  4. Walking is one of my best exercises, it helps keep my long legs long and lean.
  5. I hydrate my body a lot. Taking a lot of water helps in shading some of those pounds. If you haven’t read my post about the detox process that works for me, then you should. It will tell you a lot about why you should drink loads of water. You will also learn ways to add flavor to your water if you dislike plain water.
  6. I like stretching a lot, this is to release the muscles.
  7. I do squats even when I’m doing house chores. Anytime I think about it, I do it even in the toilet, in the shower. It sounds funny but an African woman without a butt is something else.
  8. I’m favored by my genes a bit, my dad is one of those people who can eat a whole cow every day and you’ll still see a skeleton walking after a month. Hence a Kenyan proverb (Thin people are always wasting food).


  1. Never at the gym. In fact, I paid for the gym once and I never went. Again we are different, you might need to hit the gym every other hour.
  2. I don’t do fast food.
  3. Less fry food and by less I mean, if it’s the only food available when I pay someone a visit.
  4. No cheese, I naturally hate the smell of cheese.
  5. I never had the best time to eat. I mostly eat late at night. Again this is not recommended but I have a high metabolism. I can wake up in the middle of my sleeping to bite something and go back to bed. In short, I cannot sleep with an empty stomach.
  6. Never followed a diet.
  7. No sugar no sweets for me. It’s been years now I don’t do sugar. The only sweet I can eat is ice cream.
  8. Soft drink is never on my shopping list.

Those are my DO’S AND DON’T’S. What do you struggle with and what are you doing to overcome it? Please share to help someone too.


Be More.

Photo by Mbukudada.


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