As I’m writing this post I’m actually at a dinner table on my birthday, finished having dinner not a long ago. Hey, guys hope the time is lovely wherever you are.Wanted to share my birthday time with you.

I started my day with not wanting to get out of bed, same as any other day of my life. Sleeping can never be enough and sometimes, it might feel like I’m getting paid for it. In fact, if you know any company that employs people for sleeping don’t forget to comment below.

It usually takes me like 20-40’ to get one of my feet out of the blanket. I don’t normally have issues finding what to wear, but this time I was so relaxed and lazy, ended up taking a cab to work damn me.

I have a job that I report to, so I decided to have bags of chocolate to work with me for my colleagues to help me celebrate my happy time. One thing I know for sure, I’m not those people who will have a party on their birthday. I like it calm and relaxing. I had a lot of hugs the entire day, I felt like I’m new in the department but no it’s the chocolate that led to the hugs.

One funniest thing is that I was eating chocolate the entire day, which is never the case with me. I don’t buy chocolate I never crave chocolate, yes that’s me. I came home and started raining on the remaining pack that I told my cousin to take with him but he forgot haha.

Later in the night, I realized I needed to take myself on some date. There I go, I started looking for restaurants to make reservations, now I’m so difficult with food.  I go to e-table stayed there for like an hr looking for a restaurant that has the best view of Acropolis. Well it makes sense it’s already 21:30 PM all of them will be booked, I managed to get one called Skyfall it has the view but it’s like taking a kid to a candy store and telling them to watch from the glass window.


I made it on time thank goodness. I wanted to have me some steak so badly, but their menu had like 3 main dishes, grilled Solomon the rest were pork with cheese and yes I don’t like cheese either.

Salmon was really nice served with black beans. If you happen to visit this place, try grilled salmon with black beans. I had red wine and again I’m not a red wine kinda girl, it gets me high like on the first glass lol. This tells you that a lot of things went west.


They have really nice music for sure. I can imagine in the summer how lovely the place can be. I finished writing this part and got my self a cab went home.

Then came the next day my girlfriends surprised me with gifts that I didn’t expect. They both once said shoes are the only thing that they will never go wrong with as a gift to me. I had no idea a time will come when I will be gifted 2 shoes at a go. Another friend got me some MAC makeup. Very nice eyeshadow colors and I love all my gifts. At the end, I was a happy birthday girl.


1st Shoes: Voi&Noi.

2nd Shoes: Joom.

Be More.




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