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Happy new year to you all, this is my first blog this year and I’m so grateful for being able to share my happiness with you guys. Before we start talking about gratitude and what it can bring to your life, I’ll take this time to thank you all for taking your time to read my blog.

What are you grateful for if I may ask?

We all sleep and wake up sometimes we forget a lot of things or people around us. Remember everything around you is there for a reason appreciate it.

When was the last time you appreciated your work?

You need to know that you are your number one supporter of the good things you do, and I challenge you to start thanking yourself for trying. I sometimes thank myself for feeding myself funny huh. Being a lazy eater so is the cooking, going to bed having eaten a proper meal made by me, is a great deal.

How often do you thank others?

When my dad calls every time, he is the one who always says thank you, before ending a call and my answer is always yes dad until I tried to thank him back. It felt weird and emotional but after some time, it felt great, doing something that I never thought was important. Start thanking people back for what they do for you, it will increase your level of happiness so is theirs.

Gratitude is powerful it can increase happiness, reduce depression, and strengthen resiliency.  I started being grateful for what I have, appreciate what people do for me. If only you can imagine how happy you can be when someone appreciates or thank you for your work, you will start thanking others too.


Studies have proven that people who express gratitude, it helps boost their self-esteem than those who don’t and they are more likely to help others, gratitude will also increase your empathy side of you and not forgetting that it will enhance your sleep due to positive thinking before bed. When you are grateful you will always be thinking positive.


Do you want people to like you more?

This might sound vague to you, but a research has shown that those who practice the act of gratitude are more likely to be appreciated and to be more social. This leads to more friends and stronger relationship.


How can you cultivate an attitude of gratitude? 

1. Think about what you have and celebrate them rather than dwelling on what you don’t have.

2.Try to smile often.

3.Hold a door for a stranger.

4. Thank people for what good they’ve done for you.

5.Appreciate people in your life.

6.Meditate more to calm your mind and soul.

7. Have a gratitude journal.


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  1. Hi darling, love your post and the gentle reminder to give thanks, always. I especially love the list you made cultivate gratitude. The practice of gratitude does not simply benefit others in the warm reception you provide, but also warms your very own heart as well, making the world a better place.❤️ Blessings! I am grateful for you and this post! 🌺

  2. I try to practice gratitude every day. My life has changed so much since I’ve chosen to focus on what I do have and not just on what I don’t or think that I should have. God has blessed me so much that I would be wrong to be mad about my life.

  3. I love your fashion sense. Practicing gratitude is simple yet a major factor. That’s why I try to always practice and be as kind as possible!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful. It’s a major part of happiness. When we make other people feel happy, we end up feeling happy too. One other thing I would suggest is that we create a reverse bucket list of things we want to be grateful for instead of things we want.

  5. Thank you for this post. It’s a great reminder and suggestion not only for me but for everyone else to make some improvements in their life. Gratitude is very important and I think more people should think of being grateful as a habit, something you do on a daily basis, not something occasional. Great post! xx

  6. There’s always a reason to be thankful and your blog explains it perfectly. Thank you Joyce. Our lives might not be perfect, but there’s always a reason to smile.

  7. I think many people would be more grateful if they got out and saw “the real world” and realized how incredibly blessed most of us are. I love to be “that person” who thanks the checkout person or the guy that pumps my gas. You never know whose day you may brighten, not to mention it brightens our own day! Thanks for a great post.

  8. I’ve always thought about starting a gratitude journal and now I’m thinking this is the time to actually do it! I love your positivity, it’s inspiring.

  9. A simple thought but a proven effective one! Sometimes it can be hard to be greatful, your day just can’t seem to align itself or whatever the case may be. I’ll definitely try these tips out! Especially the gratitude journal!

  10. What you’re saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I’m sure you’ll reach so many people with what you’ve got to say.

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