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Now let’s talk about skin and it’s care during cold seasons, I believe most of us suffer dry skin during winter, being an African it’s not easy to take care of my skin during cold seasons. My skin tends to dry a lot and I constantly need a moisturizer.

I’m a person that if I love a product I love it, I have tried a couple here and there, one thing I for sure can say is if a body cream is not too thick enough, I won’t like it. Now how do I keep my skin soft and moist?



I love this product, and to tell you the truth I use it year in year out, it helps with skin softening so I apply this on my lips, hand, and feet before bed. The one that I like the most is Vaseline Jelly Baby, it not only smells great but it does the following.

-Prevent chaffed skin.

-Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and protected.

-Locks in moisture and keeps out wetness, helping to treat and prevent dry skin.

-Gentle on skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores).

-Made with triple purified 100% pure petroleum jelly. Purity Guaranteed.


Coconut oil.

I know most of you are using or having this in their kitchen, I’m talking about the cooking coconut oil unprocessed, not the processed one. Well, you are wondering what I mean by processed and unprocessed. Processed coconut oil will not freeze when its cold, it’s always watery and brown in color, and unprocessed coconut oil will freeze to something like a fat, it will be white and colorless when melted. if you go to buy a coconut oil make sure it’s unprocessed.

Most of you already know the benefits of it. I use it either the way it is or I will add it to my daily body cream. This is to make the cream thicker the way I want it, it leaves the skin nice, soft and moist all day or night long.



Aloe vera gel

This is another one that will never leave my bag, not only do I use it to soften my hands after every wash, I also add it to my daily body cream. If you don’t like thick body cream then this should not be mixed with coconut into your body cream. Other than that both of them together will create a miracle skin in less than a week of use. The reason why I love Aloe Vera is the fact that it:

-Acts as a moisturizer.

-Has protection against sunburn.

– Helps fight skin aging Aloe leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and E that can help improve the skin’s natural firmness.

– Also, help in reducing stretch marks.

– Can help reduce acne spots.(I use this as a facial night cream with vaseline and tea tree oil)

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  1. Great tips indeed! But, hey, any advice about where to get that stuff? (The Aloe-vera gel, in particular!)

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