Hey, guys I almost forgot about the final day of my trip to Belgium. This is just a recap and what I think about the country in general. It is organized and I love when things are in order. The weather wasn’t that horrible even though it was gray and rainy some of the days. If you love the architecture, then Belgium is one of the cities that has well constructed and design buildings. I will share with you what I did on my last day.

This being the last day In Antwerp, I managed to do things here and there. Went for a walk and a photo shoot with my lovely and funny photographer Wayne. He insisted I had to see the court of justice, which is just 2 streets from his house. It is Located on Bolivarplaats towards the edge of Antwerp. Court of justice was well designed and thumbs up to Wayne’s idea to visit this place. This building was designed by the British modernist architect Richard Rogers.Later that afternoon we decided that staying indoors is not really our thing. We took a tram to Groenplaats, one of the  Antwerp’s historical center, again it was Wayne’s idea. Here is where you find the Cathedral of our lady, its architects were Jan and Pieter Appelmans. It’s known for a number of significant work done by the Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens, as well as paintings by artists such as Otto van VeenJacob de Backer, and Marten de VosWe stumbled across a very known fountain, while just having a stroll and admiring the square, the Brebo fountain.  I was captivated by the fountain, I didn’t read much about it because Wayne took the initiative to unfold the story behind the hand.  He said, “one day, the Roman soldier Silvius Brabo sailed along the giant’s castle. He refused to pay the toll and challenged Antigoon to a duel. Brabo managed to defeat the giant, cut off his head and hand and threw the hand in the river. According to popular etymology, the city’s name (Antwerpen) is derived from the act of Brabo throwing the hand (‘handwerpen’ in Flemish).”While still taking a walk we were able to visit the giant castle and the river behind the hand story. To be honest, I will visit Belgium again and again, it is beautiful. You will always find something unique to see or learn about. Thank you for reading my story, I’m planning to disappear from the city anytime soon. Keep close and you won’t miss a thing.


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