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Life can turn it’s speed and direction if you let it take the wheel for a bit. Don’t be too strict with your life. So excited even though I get tired by the end of my days lately, it’s all for the best of my career.

The reason for the excitement is that I’m starting my new career of being a trainer. At the same time, I’ll be joining one of the largest electronics company in the world, starting this month. This has made my schedule to dramatically change, from having at least 3-4hrs to work on my website, to I just want to sleep damn it. I’m sure some of you have been into that moment when you can’t even lift your head.




I can’t complain, I’ve worked for different big companies and we are talking about technology companies. Where I gained a list of skills both technical and nontechnical. Now that I’ll be joining another big company, I can’t wait to meet my new team. One or two things that I’ve noticed and I’ll call them changes in my behavior, is that I sleep early and I started taking coffee, yeeessss I never used to take coffee. I’m a tea addict and since my free time became less and less, I decided to join team coffee.

Despite not having much time, I still make it work. I make time for me and the things I love. Things like being alone and watching my lovely Tv Series Lucifer, which makes me laugh. I have realized that laughing helps kill my exhaustion, if you have the time or looking for a TV show to make you feel like your ribs are going to crack from laughter, then look for Lucifer Morning Star. Ohh let me not forget to talk about my love for floral lately, and I fell in love with this floral pants that I got on sales for about 10€ from 69€, good deal huh! From a Gala store. Take a look.

Be More.

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20 Replies to “MY NEW CAREER PATH”

  1. Good luck with your next career steps!
    Well..getting used to sleep early definitely helps..welcome to the coffee club!

    Ps: The floral pants rock!

  2. You are beautiful Joyce, inside and out. I am so very happy for all of your life changes including business. You go girl! So soo excited!! Good for you ❤️

  3. Congratulations on your new career path! I’m at that stage when I can hardly keep my eyes open because I’m so busy but as long as I can do what I really enjoy, I don’t mind. Waiting for the Christmas break when I’ll be able to sleep and rest at last. All the best!

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