Hey, guys, I hope all of you are doing fine. Like, I said I will share my Belgium trip experience with you. If you haven’t read the first part, you can click here. So this post is for the second day, I had time to walk around went to Mier, the main tourist, and shopping area in Antwerpen. It was full of tourist, the weather wasn’t that great for someone from Greece, it was about 18℃. Very gray, a bit windy and a bit chilly. We managed to get the best out of it.
I was with my nephew who was showing me around, a lovely young man. Let me pitch just a little bit about him, I was so impressed by @wayne_ochieng, he is only 14 and the only triathlon athlete in his school. I’m so proud of him.

It was midday and because we didn’t take breakfast at home, The Windsor which is also a restaurant, came in handy. It is located just opposition, Macdonald when coming from Antwerp Centraal, the main train station. I had a hot chocolate and an apple pie with 2 balls of ice cream on top. Wayne had black coffee and a piece of Belgium waffles with sugar icing on top. When you are along this street, there are a lot of restaurants to pop in and have a bite. We didn’t stop for lunch because we had really good breakfast.

After that, we had enough time to walk in each and every shop along Mier. I’m glad Wayne didn’t complain, men are men even in their teens they hate shop hopping. I was just curious to find out if the local brands have the same fashion, and the answer is no they don’t. The styles and designs are so different and amazing over there.
While walking all the way near to the end of Mier street, we were approached by an old nice lady. She saw as from afar, taking pictures around a known statue of one famous painter in Belgium. Sir Peter Paul Rubens who is known to have painted the most famous memorial chapel in Antwerp Baroque. He painted the altarpiece Madonna Surrounded by Saints in the chapel. The lady came and stood in between Wayne and me, she had a huge smile on her face.  We looked at her and started smiling too, she started narrating to us the history behind the statue of Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

We both turned to her while she explained herself. You could tell how happy she was from the way she looked and how intellectual she was. She made a really funny reality joke that made me look at her and feel sorry. She said, ” He (while pointing at the statue) he will be here forever, I will go but he will still remain here for people to take photos of him”. I looked at her sorrowfully while she waves goodbye.

Around 18:30 PM, it was late and we had to head back home, we had to take like two tram lines. In Belgium mode of transport is very reliable though a bit confusing, they have so many lines especially the tram and the train. In fact, we took a wrong tram and ended up somewhere else. We had to come back to Mier and take the right tram. That was all about day two I have many more to tell you.

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