Last weekend I decided to escape the city and go to Poros, one of the best small Greek islands in my opinion, which was great because I got to escape the city for a three day weekend. I hope all of you reading this had a super amazing weekend as well. 

The idea to get out of the city came up by chance, so at first, I wasn’t sure what to do or where to go. I talked it over with my friend Judy and decided we should visit Poros. I hadn’t been to Poros before so why not, I thought. She was in and to make the trip even better, our friend Ray was in town from London so we asked her to join us. The last addition to our gang was Judy’s friend Katie. So we ended up being all girls. On an island.


Due to Judy’s and Rachel’s plans, I ended up traveling with Kate. Not having met her before I thought it was going to be uncomfortable or awkward but it was neither; it was lots of fun and it felt like we knew each other already. We arrived on the island Friday night, went to our studio MARIA STUDIO to settle in and off to town after for a walk! We grabbed something to eat and had a drink at MALIBU BARThe next day Judy and Ray arrived and we all went to a beach called Russian Bay, where none of us tried to swim because the water felt too cold for us. Later we had an all-girls dinner at TAVERNA APAGIO and followed it up with a drink at BOEM

On Sunday we went to Monastery beach, which was a thirty-minute walk from MARIA STUDIOS. After enjoying the sun, we went out for a drink -again!- this time to JOY BAR, which was followed by a visit to ROCK BAR PUEBLO.



If you are a group of friends or a small family, then MARIA STUDIO is a great option. It is a family business and I found them to be very friendly. They are located five minutes away from the beach and within walking distance from the center. It is a very affordable place and you can check their prices here. They also have a spa if you want, to the advantage of that and are in a relaxation kind of mood.BEACHES.

Poros has nice beaches, Sirene beach being one of the cozy ones. We didn’t get to visit however because it was packed when we went. There is also Askeli Beach which is, again, a five-minute walk from Maria Studio with many restaurants around. Good for families. My favorite was Monastery beach because it was quiet yet very close to our place. I wasn’t too excited with Russian Bay and Love Bay but that could be due to the fact that we went early in the season. Perhaps I would have liked them more if we had gone later in the summer.


I must admit that most Greek islands have great food and Poros was no exception as we had homemade food at Taverna Apagio! Affordable prices for big dishes and extremely friendly owners.

Nightlife in Poros is not that crazy but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Everything is almost around one central location, which is great because it made bar-hopping easy. There is Joy, Malibu, and Boem which play the latest hits but also Greek music. And if you want something more intense, you can always go to Pueblo for some Rock & Roll.

So how did you spend your last weekend?

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  1. We went to Poros for 5 days in may. Wonderful place, small, clean and just right for a break. We will be returning I think on a regular basis.

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