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I never knew I’ll be writing about racism. Before I get into what happened to me let’s chat a bit about my pink t-shirt. I was reminded by one of my GFs that I never wear a pink T-shirt. She saw these photos and went like girl since when are you wearing pink tops?

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Time to talk about my very first racism experience here in Athens. We are in 2018 and people still think that color describes people. Was so disappointed, two weeks ago after a week of being sick and lost my voice. Being in bed a whole day every day and night made my body a bit tired. I decided, let me get a massage, went to bestofferz.gr and booked me a massage they always have great offers.

The massage session at Benevita spar located in Ermou 24 Marousi Center is 40€ but I got it from bestofferz.gr for 8€. That’s a good deal huh so I got two of them, went for my appointment and met racist herself. My friends used to tell me how someone was so racist to them, some friends even their bosses. I always advised them to don’t take it personal, these racist are just sick. I had no idea that it will get into my bloodstream and interfere with my blood flow when I meet one.

This old lady surprised me with her angry face and she was yelling at me, asking what I was doing there and how she doesn’t want anything from us. I was with my photographer who is black too. I was staring at her like a little homeless girl. Mind you I didn’t have my voice to actually defend myself.

I’m very tough and I can never let it go without defending myself or whoever is with me. I can never let anyone insult me or belittle me just because they feel like it. That day I was not able to defend myself I felt angry and pushed against the wall. There were 4 ladies in the room, one of them shouted to the lady who was mean to me and asked why are you talking to her like that? She didn’t stop she kept on going and I was standing there with my mouth wide open.

I had so many questions going through my mind. Wondering should I keep looking at this woman till she is done so that I can also attack her but how? I can’t talk or should I leave. While the other lady kept yelling at her to stop talking to customers like that, she shouted again is your name Joyce?  I said yes. May I ask what’s going on why are you yelling at us? With a very very low voice, I told her I can’t talk too much, thinking that she will come down. This old lady didn’t stop, she yelled again, can you go and wait outside? I’m still looking confused and at the same time wanting to laugh, because I was wondering am I in some kinda comedy movie that I didn’t signup for or what?

We politely stood outside on the balcony waited for like about 5 minutes, she came with a different tone of voice apologizing and she made it worse by saying it was because I was with this black man, I said what’s that supposed to mean? She stated that the place was for women only. Then I asked did he even come close to any woman? Did he even get inside this room? Did he even say a word to anybody? He was standing 2m away from the door plus you don’t have any sign that shows men are not allowed on this floor. I went on asking her so you guys don’t want people like us here huh?

She started begging me to have my massage session. I said no, I’m not interested and she turned around and left, not even saying ok I will make sure you get your money back. She left and never came back. We left too, went to their Facebook page benevita.gr which has been taken down and left a comment I was surprised to how many people have been treated badly by this woman just because they are not Greeks.

I got support from my friends I really appreciated it, they went and left comments on the benevita.gr page. My advice is, don’t see it’s going wrong and just because someone is of your race you don’t stop them from this mental illness behavior.

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photos by:Mbukudada


  1. Like I said it’s had to level your mind to her level that’s why we couldn’t engage with a fool in a conversation sad we judge by color we even have black dolls nowadays just to get some attention
    #did I say Jesus was black I go hard

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