Reasons you are not getting what you want. 

Time flies by so fast, it is Easter season again. I want to wish all my Catholic family and friends a happy Easter this weekend and to my Orthodox family and friends for next weekend.  We sometimes get agree and upset when we don’t get what we want, do we know why?

I did some reading and realized, we do have a few things in common that prevent us from getting what we want. Check the list of what I found out.

1. Lack of integrity.

Not being honest is a character that most people possess these days, if your growth involves people then I suggest start practicing honesty.
Stop being selfish, it’s not always about you and you alone. This shows your lack of integrity, you are surrounded by many. You never know who will get you what you want. Learn to accommodate others.

If you are that person whose words go against their actions, then you need to work on it as soon as you can. How can you achieve what you want if you can’t do what you say? Stop saying things just to please people. Be that person who does what they say and says what they can do.

2. Being too emotional.

We all get disappointed in fact if you ask the most successful people how they managed to get where they are, you will be surprised to hear a lot of disappointment came from people they trusted. If you get too emotional and you end up cutting every person off, just because they turned you down, then you will find it hard to get where you are going.

Learn to accept disappointment from people who can help you and approach it in a different way. Taking it personal and feeling like you are not worth it, will not motivate you at all. It will only make you give up.

3. Being impatient.

Someone once told me to learn to take things slow. Being patient not only helps you but it also creates a very good relationship between you and people around you.

4. Being Egoistic.

You are allowed to love yourself, but the moment you start to think you are better than anybody else around, that’s when things start to go wrong, Let your act speaks for itself. Many people lose their chance of improving in there career because of their superego. Some people will lose that great deal because they feel, they are better than whoever he or she is striking a deal with. If you are looking for a partner try to control your egoistic side, we will never be the same.

5. Not trying.

This is self-explanatory, you stop trying you won’t get it. I can’t emphasize more on this. You know if you give up no one will do it for you. How can you get it, if you stop trying?

6. Undecisive.

You should stop being that person that cannot decide. Being indecisive will make you start a lot of things and leaving them half done. You should be able to follow something through, this is only possible if you are sure you want it and you will discipline yourself to work on it until the end. Being undecided can lead you to where you don’t want to be or end up with something/someone you don’t like.

7. Procrastination.

If you want it that much, then stop this dream killer behavior. Most people aren’t aware that the reason they were not able to make it, it’s because of postponing things to a later date. The more you push it the more it’s being forgotten and you lose interest in it.

We are for sure not perfect, you will get to your comfort zone the moment you start telling yourself it will be done tomorrow. Try to avoid this behavior and you will see that things are getting done.


8. Being distracted.

This actually happened while I was writing this post. A lot of phone calls and text from friends, I had to cut them off. If you entertain distraction while you are working on something you want so much, you will never get there or even if you do it will be after a long time wasted. Distraction comes in different forms, as long as it’s something that is stopping you from concentrating on what you started, it is a distraction.

9. Too rigid.

Flexibility is a key to many things. Try to be that person who is able to start again if needed. You should be a person who can accept change and things will be easier. If you have rigid personality, it might lead to stress or frustration because of not accepting things the way they are. If you want to be successful in what you are doing learn to be flexible.

10. Giving up before you even start.

You might be the best dreamer but if you don’t try it never existed. If you can dream it then it means you want it, and that is enough to make you start from somewhere and keep pushing. Never give up before you even put down a plan, most people will say I thought about this!! When they see someone else having what they dreamt about. Giving up from the beginning will lead to a failure, start acting now.

Tell us what has prevented you from achieving something you wanted so much?

Be More.

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  1. You’re right that you will miss all the shots you don’t take. Thanks for reminding us how important it is to be intentional and determined in order to get what we want.

  2. Great job with this! Would you like to contribute an article to our personal development community blog Would love your insight on personal development!

  3. I absolutely agree with this and I actually possess some of these traits so reading this is really going to help me. Good job on writing such a great article!

  4. I agree with the points you listed. However, being too rigid stands out to me. Sometimes we have to do some tweaking in order to realize our goals. I am struggling to that currently

  5. these reasons are very true, however, they put too much power in human hands. In fact, we are only a tiny thing in the universe and sometimes we don’t get what we want for none of these reasons. Said from a person that tried hard for eight years to become a mom and lost 6 babies in the way.

    1. That is so emotional, no woman would want to go through what you’ve gone through, what we both need to know that is that we humans are responsible for most of what we want in life.

  6. Thanks for this list of reminding us what may be in the way from where we are now to what we truly want. In times when I don’t get going, it may be because I simply don’t really want it. When we all get to that place, it is a critical decision point. Thanks for inspiring me today! 💕Xo, Evelyn, 🦋

  7. I consider myself really passionate about the things I want in life but I can agree I am too easily distracted, I get distracted by the little things along the way which make the big things stretch out and seem futher away!

  8. You are absolutely spot on with your points!! We often need to look at these with ourselves so we can reach our goals…

  9. I totally agree with these points that you have listed here. Indecisive is a true example which I see and encountered. We really have to learn to decide and just do it and do not look back.

  10. I think that procrastination and being distracted go hand in hand. There are so many distractions these days that without knowing you end up scrolling down on facebook for hours, ending up doing nothing productive. that’s a major obstacle in the way of getting what you want.

  11. These are some really great tips. Integrity is such a good trait in even the normal circumstances, whether that person wants to be progressive or not. Another thing I stress on is trying, if you try, you will either be a success or not, but in the end, you will have the experience that will help you succeed, it is so important to try.

  12. I used to fear taking that step forward something that I truly want. It’s really important that we overcome fear because it will also stop us from getting what we want in life. I agree with the reasons that you suggested as well.

  13. You gave some really good advice here and made some valid points too. I think being indecisive is a big factor in not getting what you want out of life.

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