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Reviews can be challenging to give, even though companies, stores, and brands depend on them. This will be my first review of a bar/ club by night and cafe by day (Kolokotroni 9). The style of having a bar and a cafe at the same time is very common in the center of Athens.

You will find that most businesses keep customers by offering both bar and cafe service, meaning the place will run day and night. If you happen to visit Athens or living here I would suggest you try kolokotroni 9. I will list the reason why you should try this place and you will love it trust me.

A friend of mine Jack working in kolokotroni 9, invited me for a drink. I loved it and went back again. Why did I have to visit Kolokotroni 9 again?

1.I love good music and this place has the most amazing free wi-fi and jazzy sounds, hip-hop selections as pop & rock, freestyle, soulful slow mood kinda music.

2.Making friends. The first time I went to kolokotroni 9, Mr. Giakoumakis Dimitris who happens to be the manager gave me a warm welcome not forgetting, he was the DJ that night. He for sure has a taste in house music.

3.You are a tourist and not sure where to go for coffee the next morning! You will have a choice of visiting this place again for a nice coffee or a full breakfast.

4.Do you love reading books? They have a library located just a floor up on top of the bar. You will be able to listen to music as you sip your coffee and enjoying a small traffic view. This space is cozy with a bit of Asian theme.


5.Cocktails. This is one of the best cocktail bars in town. They make the best cocktail with a bit of extra decoration using herbs to create the exotic smell and brings you closer to nature. Some of the cocktails that you will enjoy are: La Llorona, a cocktail with Olmeca Altos Reposado flavored with jasmine, dice and mastic tear. Do you like a stylish cocktail with elegant botanical aromas? Give this one a try. There is Earl Of Gray, Beefeater London dry gin ties with Chios mastic, honey, bergamot liqueur and crowned with a magical lemon of bergamot foam. Core Dolly’s flavor is built up with honey, millet, citrus, and Bourbon.

Let’s meet at kolokotroni 9 and enjoy some nice cocktail with nice music. You will find it open from 10.00am to 2.00pm. Monday to Thursday, from 11.00am to 3.00am Friday-Saturday and 7.00 pm-2.00 am on Sunday. Kolokotroni 9 is easy to hang out every day.

Kolokotroni 9, Center
Tel. 2103232795

Photos by: Mbukudada.


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