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My daily routine to stay healthy

It’s hard for some people to keep up with routines, I find it easy though, it’s all in the mind. How do I stay healthy? One thing I know is that I don’t eat much I call myself a lazy eater so is the cooking. I decided to share my routine that keeps me healthy.


I take more than 3 liters a day, we all know the benefits of water I won’t say much. It helps to wash out toxic and clears my system, it keeps me full. This is because I take warm water most of the time. It’s not easy to drink plain hot/ warm water, but you can add lemon or make it a tea. Green tea or Greek mountain tea to be specific.



Most people at my workplace think that I’m a fruitarian. I love fruits, coming from a country full of all sorts of tropical fruits, I eat any fruit. This is always my lunch every day from Jan to Dec. The main reasons why my lunch is always with at least 6-7 types of fruits:

1- For the sake of digestion during the day without wanting to take a nap.
2- It’s very difficult sometimes to eat fruits at night or after dinner so I take it as lunch.
3- Taking everything at once is not an option for me so I break them down.
4- My body needs sugar, like any other human body, instead of eating sweets I get sugar from fruits.


My eating time is always in the evening. The first thing I will always do even before getting into the shower is to fix a bowl of salad. I eat mostly green salad it helps with digestion. Make sure you eat a bowl of salad every day.


Now, this is a huge and a major topic to discuss. I barely eat meat it makes me sick. I’m not a vegetarian don’t get me wrong, I prefer chicken fish or turkey. I’ll advise you to always have a small portion of food at night.


I don’t go to the gym and I’m not planning a visit anytime soon, I just don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t work out. I walk like a maniac lady, I dance a lot and I go for a run sometimes. So get your self a workout motivation routine.


Believe it or not for your mind to be able to keep up with all the things you go through and still maintain your routine, you need some calmness. Mediation is a mind healing and healthy lifestyle. If you practice meditation, you’ll find out that you can think right, be happy, stress-free, you can find time for yourself. Sometimes it can get off hands but I come to my senses after meditation.


If there is anyone who can win a sleeping contest it’s me. I love it, you need to sleep as long as you want. I’ll never say you need 6-8hrs of sleep, I can sleep for 24hrs continuously. Our body requires a proper rest. We need to be able to function, sleep is an active period in which a lot of important processing, restoration, and strengthening occurs.

One of the vital roles of sleep is to help us solidify and consolidate memories. As we go about our day, our brains take in an incredible amount of information.

Be More.

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