Before we discuss on how to stay motivated as a blogger or a Youtuber. I just want to say how excited I am, yellow being in the season finally. I love colors and the more popping it is, the more I fall in love with it.

Let’s switch to the main topic, if you are a blogger or a YouTuber, you understand the meaning of having a blocked head. Creating quality content or Just having moods to find what to give to your audience can be tough. As a new blogger, I have identified few whys to lift your production spirit up.

1.Check your statistics regularly. 

Asking how is this going to motivate you? Looking at your performance shows you how good you are and you should keep pushing or how bad you are and you should keep trying. Your audience gives you a reason to find something to write about. You want to keep them coming.

2. Reading other blogs.

Sometimes it can get to the point where your brain can’t generate any new information at all. Reading other blogs gives you an idea of what’s trending, what is happening around the blogging world. If you are a new blogger, reading other blogs not only gives you the motivation to write but it also gives you a chance to learn other things like common themes being used and writing fonts among bloggers.


3.Facebook chat groups.

You have no idea, but most of your audience might be spending more time in these chat groups. Join as many as you want. Reading what your audience is discussing about will definitely give you an idea on what to talk about next.

4.Set a goal.

If you can create a calendar that will be amazing. setting up goals to make sure a task is done such as writing something early in the morning or before bed. This will give you a reason to write as it is a goal to be accomplished by you.

5. Interact with other bloggers.

You will get so encouraged and find a reason to write very often when you talk to professionals. If you get a chance to chat with those who are willing to share their steps, I suggest you note them down.

6. Attend events.

When you are down, going to live events will always cheer you up. Not only will you pass a good time, you will be able to interact with people and talk about your work.  You will for sure acquire ideas on what to write about.

7. Ask questions.

Randon question to random people, friends or even colleagues usually leads to a great discussion. You will find it easier to start a discussion post about your niche.



Tell us how do you get motivated as a blogger/ Youtuber?

Be More.

Photos by: Mbukudada.


  1. Hi Joyce,
    very informative article. I get my motivation when I treat myself to time off and time away from the blog. I know it can be difficult sometimes to do so but I get more inspiration on my walk to a Forrest; relaxing in a spa or after a gym session then if I was to sit behind the computer all day. It’s important to keep your body and soul happy= more energy -better achievements!

  2. Well written post! <3 It is true, it is hard to keep motivated but there are ways! <3 I think supporting one another is so important! <3 Best of luck with your blogging journey! xx

  3. These are some great tips! I find that I am most motivated when I have another blogger to talk to to have as an accountability partner. I haven’t tried going to a live event. But that is definitely something I want to try this year.

    1. Yes, it is always nice to talk to other bloggers, get their opinion and ask questions how do they do it. Live events are a great way too, give it a try if you get a chance.

  4. I like to make a schedule. This keeps me going. Otherwise I would start a bunch of different blog posts and never finish them! Sometimes I get in a funk though and end up checking out other blogs to see if I can get some inspo

  5. Great tips! And I agree with them all. It definitely would help to have this list posted somewhere. I find it so much harder to get into blogging when I’m not reading other blogs or sticking to some sort of schedule. People underestimate how hard it is to blog successfully, it is really like a full time job!

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