Many people don’t look at traveling as a lifestyle, they look at it as something temporary.
In my personal experience, I’ve been traveling for 5 years. If you want to call that temporary, then go
ahead but I think it deserves much more credit than that.

Why not the middle way?

I get asked this a lot, “What do your parents think of what you’re doing? like I mean, it’s not really secure to not study”
Growing up, I never dreamed of going to University. To be honest, I counted down every night until I could finally leave high school. What I dreamt of was businesses, multiple businesses all around the world that I would own. I dreamt of traveling the world, visiting places that only my friends and family could ever dream of. I dreamt of living an unextraordinary lifestyle, a traveling lifestyle that I could both comfortably live and sustain in. 

Today, I could say I have achieved slight parts of that goal. Little by little. Through all the snaring looks when I tell people I haven’t “studied”, or when I tell them I’ve completed a certificate in Fashion Apparel which I did for two years they ask, “what’s that?”

Generally, I get asked what I’m doing and if I’m happy with my traveling lifestyle which they include the sly “well if you can call that a lifestyle”. Which then I get really confused as to whether they really look down on me or are jealous.

“The way I see it, is that anyone truly happy with their own decisions and thoughts in life wouldn’t need to belittle or discourage anyone else’s.” – Rusha Paenga

What are the differences between a “normal” lifestyle and a travel lifestyle?

“Normal” lifestyle

  • Stable income and “reliable”
  • Workplace vibe and field onsite
  • Workplace community, workplace socializing
  • Home
  • Family, kids, same friends, cat
  • week day sports and events

Travel lifestyle

  • Income online or remote work
  • Always traveling for work or just in general
  • Online community and endless meetup trips around the world
  • You have a base home in a specific country for a few years then move again
  • Constantly meeting an abundance of new people
  • Hard to commit to a sport since your life is on the go
  • Would be a different scenario to travel, not saying it isn’t possible

The truth is, traveling can certainly become your lifestyle. In fact, that’s all I’ve known since I was a kid and all I have done growing up. Whether it’s been the outcome of positive situations or negative. Traveling is a great part of my life, I would call it the LIFESTYLE that I vow by. I would just name it something better like, “That up and go lifestyle” or that “Jet set lifestyle” because that’s what it typically relates around. To have people question the way you live is to have people not completely sure about what they are doing themselves. 

So, the short answer is?

Hell YES! It can be considered a lifestyle. And a very enjoyable yet unpredictable one at that.

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Rusha Paenga is a Travel & More Blogger from New Zealand. She is a  freelance writer for multiple magazines, founder of Global Girl Community and a wild spirit at heart. She enjoys working on new business ventures, sharing raw experiences from her past and present and delivers nothing short of LIFE.

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Special letter to you Rusha Paenga…

I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for giving me this opportunity to share your wonderful content. I’m so grateful, to have had a chance to work with you.

Looking forward to many more collaboration like this. Thank you….

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37 thoughts on “Can traveling be considered as a proper lifestyle?

  1. This sounds like a really interesting lifestyle, but I think I would find it exhausting. I love to travel, but I do it short-term and the thought of traveling all the time is overwhelming. I’m always so happy to get home after a week or so, and whenever I have to move that’s a huge effort as well. I can’t imagine doing it as a way of life.

  2. I wish I travelled more in life and saw a bit more of what’s out there. I graduated college and started working. Someone told me to take a year off and travel because it might be the only chance you get in life to do that and of course I didn’t listen. There is nothing wrong with your lifestyle. I think people who knock it are just jealous.

  3. Wow, I did not know that traveling could be called a lifestyle. I wish to have a lifestyle like that. I love seeing new places and meeting new people. 😊

  4. I backpacked for nearly five years across Europe. I can definitely say it’s not for everyone and there benefits to both. After 5 years I was ready to come home, but I still regard it as one of best life experiences.

  5. When you list out the normal lifestyle like that it definitely sounds boring😂 I am an adventurer at heart as well!! But for right now my adventures include trips to the local park and library. Lol.

    1. I do the same thing as well I do locate tour as well which on the other side it’s considered a normal lifestyle. I guess traveling is categorized as a long distance trip and locate tourism is not.

  6. Hubby and I are over 50 plus and now when we travel to different places or the same places to be with family, we get questioned! People will always question whether you’re young or old. People equate traveling to having loads of money, which is not true. Do what pleases you.

    1. Yes, traveling has the behind scene of having loads of money. When people see you move to a different location, they think you have so much money to spend on traveling and that’s not usually the case.

  7. I think it sounds like a wonderful lifestyle! Now that my kids are graduating high school….and I’m going through a divorce… I would LOVE to find a “job” with which I can travel often!

  8. Indeed traveling is a lifestyle. I agree with you although I’m not really into traveling but I think it takes a person to make it a proper lifestyle.

  9. I think traveling would be a great lifestyle if you were young and kid-free. My daughter has been traveling with her husband and three year old for almost a year. The little one needs friends, and I truly hope the settle down before he goes to school. I also think traveling is great later in life when the kids are grown—that will be me in a few years.

  10. I honestly don’t think there is anything that is a “normal lifestyle” because everyone is different, but I could see how people may not think of it as a “traditional” lifestyle where you go to school then just work instead of going out an exploring or spicing it it.

    1. In life, tradition life has always been considered a normal life. For centuries, there were a group of people in the society who were called the travelers and the rest of the people were known for being home and taking care of the rest.

  11. I did try traveling as a lifestyle but being broke called me to order. When I have some resources to travel now, family commitment is the reason I could not. Guess you can’t win all the time. But I’m happy at my choices then and now.

  12. You seem to be extremely happy with what you do. It doesn’t matter what others think. Society does not have any right to decide what’s considered as proper or not. At the end of the day, it is your life and you are responsible whatever you want to do with it. Have fun and embrace little joys of life. 🙂

    1. You are right, sometimes we care too much what the society what’s off us and to tell the truth, the society has no idea what it wants. Thank you for your support.

  13. I got a fairly late start with my traveling “lifestyle”…did a few trips when the kids were young, but really got going as an empty-nester! We backpack, cruise, hike, explore, and visit unique places all the time! We have the debt to prove it too lol! We work alot but one day hope to be able to have remote jobs that can travel with us and we can do more! Kudos to you!

  14. Traveling is an awesome lifestyle! Nothing wrong with that. Some people will forever think of anything besides the 9-5 corporate job as a hobby or unsettled, or even flighty. Like you can’t make up your mind, so you’re running. People look down on me for being a stay at home wife too. Ignore them and live your life in a way that makes you happy, not what fits into their judgemental box.

    1. I know that we will never satisfy the society, we have a choice to lead a life that we love. Staying home wife is not a joke either, It takes so much of your time to make good things happen at home. Thank you for the real words.

  15. Traveling should certainly be considered a proper lifestyle although most people with traditional lifestyles will struggle to understand.

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