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One Day Trip to Sharjah

Go beyond Dubai’s glamorous city skyscrapers, and you’ll find a distinctly vivacious city that is crammed with a laid-back mix of cultural landmarks and leisure and dining options. Sharjah may be relatively modest and quaint, but it packs an unrivaled charm and character that is definite to enchant you at every turn.  In fact, the place has so much to see and experience that they aren’t easily covered in a day or two. But, if you’re planning for just a one day trip to Sharjah, you can still see some of its most amazing attractions with a bit of planning plus our recommended one-day guide which helps you to get the best out of your limited time in this UAE’s very own cultural hotspot.

However, before you start, read important city info along with our top tips on how to spend your perfect one day in Sharjah. 

Essential Information about Sharjah 

  • Total Area: Approximately 2600 square kilometers which are equivalent to less than 3.5% of the country’s overall area. 
  • Ruler: HH Sheik Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi of the iconic Al Qasimi ruling family is the emirate’s ruler. 
  • Amusing Facts: 
    • Sharjah is the only emirate that is bordered by the country’s all other six emirates. 
    • Sharjah International Airport is the first airport not only in the UAE but also in the whole of the GCC. 
  • Literal Meaning: In Arabic, it means ‘Rising Sun.’ 
  • Recognitions: 
    • UNESCO gave Sharjah the title of the Arab Capital of Culture in 1998.
    • Sharjah was acknowledged as the Capital of Arab Tourism in 2015. 
  • Ancient Human Settlement and Historic Past: 
    • The UAE’s first traces of human settlement were found in Sharjah and this is as early as 85,000 BC. 
    • The place is also found referenced in a second-century map created by Ptolemy. 
Al Montazah Parks

Top Tips 

  • Regardless of your time of visit, Sharjah is brimming with exciting things to do. 
  • With a pleasant climate of below 25 degrees Celsius, winter season from November to April is the most ideal time to visit here, especially if you’re considering an outdoor activity-packed vacation. Although summer months (May to September) are extremely hot going up to 50 degrees Celsius, the city’s man air-conditioned indoor attractions by way of museums, theme parks etc make up for it. 
  • The city fuses the elements of the old and new to create an ambiance that is extraordinarily charming. 
  • If you’re a party animal, please note that the city doesn’t have any nightclubs, bars or hookah cafes. 
  • Modest dressing is recommended for both men and women. As with other emirates, any kind of PDA is strictly prohibited. Taking pictures of locals (particularly Emirati women) and government buildings is not allowed. Moreover, penalties will be imposed if you’re found littering public places. 
  • Sharjah offers ample options for shopping and of course, bargaining is encouraged in souks, shopping centers, etc. 
  • Contrary to Dubai with the plentiful public transport system, Sharjah has very limited transport options by way of taxis. But, you can opt for a private transfer or book an all-inclusive city tour to explore this city at a relaxed pace. 


In the morning: Museum & Amusement Park 

7:30 AM: If you’re traveling to Sharjah from the neighboring emirate like Dubai, it will take somewhere around 40 to 45 minutes to reach here. Alternatively, if you’re planning to kick off your Sharjah exploration soon after hopping off the plane at Sharjah International Airport, then take a cab to Sharjah city center (about 17 kilometers away) and head to your already booked accommodation or one of the cafes or restaurants dotted across the city. This will help you to set yourself up for the day with a great breakfast. Not sure where to stop for the same? Here are our top picks. 

  • Budget: Depending on your hotel location or from where you intend to begin your Sharjah expedition, you can choose to dine at one of these exceptionally affordable eateries, such as Al Nahda Amrutha Restaurant (Al Nahda), Chettagong Fresh Cool (Al Mujarrah), Falafil. Fareyha Cafeteria (Al Majaz area), Sharjah Falcon Cafeteria (Al Majaz), and Al Rajwah Cafeteria (Al Ghuwair). 
  • Splurge: If you’re looking to throw down some generous amount for a lavish breakfast in the city, the options are almost endless. Step into Black Salt which serves healthy English Breakfast or make your way to Road House American Diner (within Al Marwa Tower) to savor American breakfast, or visit Shakespeare and Co. with something for everyone including vegans. For those who want to sample Arabic delicacies, Zahr El-Laymoun is one of the superb places to go. There are some sumptuous options for Asian cuisines as well, including Qasr Lahore Restaurant and Rajasthan Al Malaki. 

9:00 AM: After you’ve had your fill of energizing breakfast, it’s time to experience the region’s artistic and cultural highlights. Subject to your location and interests, you can choose to take a tour of one of these museums or historic landmarks: 

  • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization: As indicative of its name, it’s a great spot to start with if you wish to go back to the roots of both Islamic and Arab culture. It’s conveniently located in Corniche Street. 
  • Sharjah Heritage Area: With numerous museums (such as Calligraphy Museum and Sharjah Heritage Museum) and traditional souks, this place is an absolute treat for culture buffs. 
  • Sharjah Arts Museum: This is one of the ultimate destinations in Sharjah for the aficionados of art and culture. See an extensive collection of permanent and temporary Arabian-inspired artifacts and displays arranged across its 70 plus galleries. 
  • Sharjah Archeology Museum: It’s where you’ll get to find some age-old exhibits depicting the region’s prehistoric era. Among its many treasured gems is an ancient camel statue revealed from the archaeological site of Muweilah. 
  • Sharjah Aquarium & Maritime Museum: An amazing place to visit with your family and little ones! Besides allowing you to glance into the region’s maritime history, its aquarium gives you the chance to see over 150 underwater species covering rays, sharks, etc. 
Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

10:30 AM: Next up for some extraordinary adventure, fun, and thrill! You can choose to head over to one of the region’s amusement parks and our top suggestions in this department are: 

  • Al Montazah Parks: It’s an amazing destination to hang out with your friends, family, and kids. Al Montazah Parks include two sections: Pearls Kingdom Water Park and Islands of Legends Amusement Park. From heart-racing rides, lazy rivers and exotic attractions to incredible shows and events, you can look forward to indulging in endless amusement and entertainment at this all-inclusive destination. It’s placed on Flag Island, along Khalid Lagoon. 
  • Adventureland Sharjah: If you want to experience all thrill and amusement however while remaining completely indoors, then this is the destination to consider. Spread over an area of about 70,000 square meters within Sahara Centre – the city’s ultimate retail and lifestyle attraction, it boasts of close to 20 rides along with over 70 games, thus making it a favorite of adults and kids alike. Some of its must-experiences are Snap Traps, Crazy Swing and most importantly, Rocket Cycles, which is the region’s first of its kind motor coaster ride. 

In the Afternoon: Lunch & Shopping at Blue Souk 

2:00 PM: After working up all your energy, you’ll be now ready for some lavish eats. You can choose to dine within one of the many dining outlets available within your chosen park or move out to dine in a restaurant or café of your choice. Depending on you’re in Khalid Lagoon or Sahara Centre area, drop into a restaurant like The Lagoon Restaurant (at Copthorne Hotel Sharjah), The Oscar Restaurant, Reem Al Bawadi, Tike Restaurant, or Yoko Sushi. 

3:30 PM: A trip to Sharjah remains unfinished without checking out its main shopping delight: Blue Souk, also known as the Central Market. This atmospheric Emirati souk gets its name from the beautiful blue tile works that grace its exteriors. Located along the shores of Khalid Lagoon, it was built over four decades ago, with its stunning design crafted by the renowned British architect, Michael Lyle & Partners. More than 600 shops that occupy this traditional bazaar make it an ultimate paradise for retail enthusiasts. Yes, you’ll find here almost everything ranging from authentic Arabian ouds, carpets and one-off antiques to intricately designed jewelry, clothing, electronic gadgets, etc. 

Blue Souk, Sharjah Souk.

In the Evening: Khalid Lagoon, Qanat Al Qasba and Dinner 

5:00 PM: Following your shopping spree, proceed to Khalid Lagoon to wrap up your day on a relaxed note. This massive artificial lagoon which spans over a whopping 17,000 square kilometers will blow you away with its many amazing attractions. It’s home to the mesmeric Noor Mosque as well as the charming Noor Island which encompasses some of the emirate’s best sights and attractions including Butterfly House, Literature Pavilion, etc. Most of all, don’t miss the fountain that is right in the middle of the lagoon; at a height of 100 meters, it’s one of the tallest of its kind in the world.

7:00 PM: Just a few blocks away from Khalid Lagoon, Qanat Al Qasba has everything for some truly memorable moments in Sharjah. Hop aboard the Eye of the Emirates (Ferris wheel) for the unparalleled city skyline views that extend to Dubai and be sure to spectacle the Al Qasba Musical Fountain Show. You can further take a boat tour and add some fun experiences with BYKY go-kart and water karts. However, if you’re a water sports aficionado or want to zoom across its waters on a water scooter or a Waverunner, make sure that you reach here before 7 PM. 

9:00 PM: While there are plenty of dining options dotted all over Qanat Al Qasba and Khalid Lagoon, you can choose to make it a more dreamy experience with a dinner cruise in a traditional dhow. Besides great food and entertainment, it leaves you in awe with the best of the views that envelop you onboard. 

As you complete your one day in Sharjah, we’re sure that you’ll return to your accommodation or hotel in Sharjah or neighboring emirate well enjoyed, cultured out, and of course, with memories of a lifetime. 

Qanat Al Qasba sharjah

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  1. You couldn’t ask for a more detailed article about Sharjah. It seems like a lovely place with some strict rules all for a reason I’m sure. UAE and Dubai is a place I’ve always wanted to go but this seems like a hidden gem with plenty to do.

  2. I love the detailed itinerary of this post on Sharjah! There looks to be so much to do here and a plethora of eateries (which is something I always love to know about!!) The buildings are absolutely stunning as well! Thanks for sharing this wonderfully descriptive post on Sharjah!

  3. Sharjah seems like an awesome place to visit. Great that you pointed out all the details to make the most out of one day visiting Sharjah. There are so many interesting places to visit. I would love to check out the Central Market.

  4. Thank you for such a detailed guide of Sharjah! Anyone can used it as a travel plan guide to visit this beautiful place! There’s so many things you can do there! Love to learn about places I didn’t even knew existed!

  5. It looks like a nice place to visit, especially if you are interested in a lot of history. I’m sure glad that you included info like dressing modestly and especially no picture taking of the locals. I wonder if Americans know those sorts of things when visiting there. I wouldn’t have thought to find out about customs such as that. However, I’m glad they have a penalty for littering. I hate littering!

  6. Guilty! I have no idea where Sharjah this. In fact, this is the first time I heard about it.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Happy to learn something new today. I would definitely love to visit this place should we be in UAE again.

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